Online Only* Claiming Social Security at The Wrong Age May Reduce Your Benefit by up to 57%!

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Online Only* Claiming Social Security at The Wrong Age May Reduce Your Benefit by up to 57%!

December 30, 2021 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Claiming Social Security at The Wrong Age May Reduce Your Benefit by up to 57%!

In a world where suddenly there is so much more uncertainty, instability and risk, how we think about retirement may change.

In these uncertain times certain strategies become essential…

how to help avoid personal disaster in the face of wild market dips

avoiding a health care financial calamity with elevated health risks

3 timeless techniques to more stable income amid global disruption

optimize your Social Security income to help secure your income base

strategies to help prevent taxes from taking 30% of your savings income

how the decisions and policies of the current administration may impact your retirement income

how to help reduce taxation on your Social Security after you start receiving your benefits

how two special claiming strategies may increase your total benefits

how married couples can help avoid missing out on substantial benefits

how to receive benefits from an ex-spouse

These are just a few things covered in this brand-new and timely ONLINE presentation.

Note: this is not light entertainment. This is a 40-minute interactive presentation that is packed with facts about our economy and social security that can directly impact all citizens and will be shocking to learn for many.

One of the questions we hear most often from attendees is: “Why haven’t I heard this before?”

And you may NOT be happy to hear the answer…

You will discover the 3 critical foundation elements of a retirement plan that is immunized from global events that are out of our control.

In this ground-breaking college-level class, attended by thousands all over the country, we are opening eyes and shocking audiences with information like:

Your Social Security is taxable, unless you do one simple thing

You can help reduce your tax rate in retirement like never before in your life

3 ways to convert your savings into a tax-free, life-long income.

If there are significant savings you have diligently built over the years, don’t miss this opportunity to discover these little known facts and help prepare yourself for the years ahead.

Join us at the important FREE web-based presentation.

📆 Saturday, November 27th at 11:00 AM CST

📌 Join Live from your computer or phone

Click the Sign Up button to register NOW for this LIVE online presentation, absolutely FREE.


Lindsey Cotter



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